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Organizing Data

Our Services

KCCI, LLC provides extensive business consulting services to assist in the growth and development of Healthcare organizations and beyond in manufacturing and distribution of products and services.

Our Services

Organizational Development

KCCI helps our clients to identify unknown organizational roadblocks that are preventing them from achieving the desired results. Identifying roles and responsibilities needed, eliminate unnecessary roles and creating proper documentation to support roles and responsibilities to implement change. Determine measurable ways to implement effective change to get desired results. Lead implementation and oversight of Change Management.

Go-To Market Strategies and Scaling Optimization

KCCI works with our clients that are in an early stage, launching a new product/service,  or just need to reinvent themselves on a go-to-market plan. We look at all internal and external resources (e.g. salesforce and distributors), to deliver their unique value proposition to customers and achieve competitive advantage. The end goal of go-to-market strategy is to enhance the overall customer experience taking into account value proposition aspects such as product quality and pricing.


Pricing Model Development

KCCI assists in determining the best pricing models for our clients by conducting internal and external research, surveying customers and stakeholders and understanding competitive landscapes.

Business Plan Development


KCCI will assist in the development of a formal written document that contains the business goals, the methods of how these goals can be attained, and the timeframe in which these goals need to be achieved. 

Business Development

360-Degree Advisory Services


KCCI helps to provide our clients with a 360 degree marketing plan, including options to utilize social media, direct mail, live networking, group interest meetings, blogging, applications, email, video and more. Getting a 360 degree marketing plan in place is important to help reach and engage a potential new customer base.

Analysis of Operational Efficiencies


KCCI assists our clients in analyzing their current processes to determine if they can cut cost or increase efficiency. Process improvement should be a continuous activity in any business to assure that you are keeping up with the business requirements both internally and externally. KCCI will conduct a complete evaluation of the processes in question and provide recommendations for improvements.

Business Strategy-Evaluation

KCCI assists in reviewing current client Business Strategy to assure it aligns with their capabilities and desired results. If no Business Strategy exists, KCCI will work with the management team of our client companies to develop the appropriate strategy to meet the desired results. This process can be time consuming but is critical to the success of any company. IT IS THE ROADMAP.

Due Diligence Services


We serve PE, VC, and Hedge Funds seeking due diligence services.

Our Process

1. Risk Tolerance

2. Business Model

3. Market Size and Trends

4. Competition

5. Management Team

6. Financials

7. Internal Processes

8. Customer Satisfaction

9. Sales and Marketing 

10. Legal Review/Issues

11. Capital Management

12. Human Resources

13. Risks Management and Insurance

14. Pricing

15. Technology

16. Valuation

17. Exit Strategy

Advisory Services

Distribution Model Development


(Local, Regional, National, International, World-wide.) KCCI assists our clients in developing, expanding and redirecting their distribution model. Due to our extensive network of world-wide distributor relationships and experience in bringing new products and services to market, we can provide extensive input and direction regarding process, timelines, regulations and cost. Developing a comprehensive distribution model to effectively and efficiently increase revenues.

Sales Team Strategy, Development and Training

KCCI has extensive expertise in developing high performing sales teams and training programs. From hiring, to establishing sales plans and implementing sales processes and tools necessary to measure productivity and results. 

Marketing Strategies and Solutions


(Social/Digital, 3rd party sales platforms, Direct/Indirect models.) KCCI assists our clients in developing and implementing a marketing strategy and solutions needed to bring brand awareness and a plan of action to promote and sell their products and services. Developing the clients Social Digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn with campaigns and messaging programs. Recommendation and implementation of Third-Party Sales Platforms, assure that the messaging, processes and measurement methodologies, are in line to meet revenue goals and address planned markets.

"A Business Devoted to Service will have only one worry about profits, they will be embarrassingly large." - Henry Ford

Distribution and Channel Development
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